St. Paul's University, Kenya

African Multidisciplinary Journal of Research

Volume 5, Issue 1
Drawing from Joseph’s story in Genesis 50, the paper, ‘Adopting a Social Reading of Genesis 50:15-21 as a Boulevard to Forgiveness and Reconciliation in Kenya’ examines the animosity, distrust and hatred amongst various ethnic groups which has constantly led to tension, crisis and violence in the Republic of Kenya. In the paper, ‘Communication: Key to Improving Maternal Health in Sub Saharan Africa’, the authors focus on the need to influence behaviour change in order to improve maternal healthcare.
The study ‘Journalists’ perceptions of opportunities for integration of new media for professional use: A study of three mainstream newspapers in Kenya’ evaluated journalists’ perception of opportunities for integration of various new media platforms for professional use. The author of ‘Paul and Women Veiling in 1 Corinthians 11:2-16: Assessing the Interpretation and Translation of evxousi,an e;cein evpi. th/j kefalh/j dia. tou.j avgge,louj (1 Cor 11: 10) in the Light of its Socio-cultural context’ analyses the Bible text from 1 Corinthians 11:2-16 about women prophesying and praying with veiled heads. In ‘The Mission of the Church in Fighting Devolved Corruption in Kenya: Historicity, Milestones and Emerging Challenges’, the author examines the reasons for the runaway corruption in Kenya when most Kenyans profess Christianity as a religion that condemns corruption. The article ‘Influence of Guidance on HIV/AIDS Awareness among Secondary School Learners in Kabete Sub-County, Kiambu County, Kenya’ investigates the influence of guidance on HIV/AIDS awareness among secondary among school learners in Kabete sub-county, Kiambu county. In ‘Social Media and Personal Branding of Gospel Musicians in Kenya’ the authors investigated the influence of social media on personal branding of gospel Musicians in Kenya, while in ‘Religion and Community Development as Instruments of Peace in Chebunyo Ward, Bomet County, Kenya’ the author investigated how Christian religion and community development initiatives, together worked to establish peace between the multi-ethnic population at Chebunyo ward, Bomet County, which has been at war with each other for a long time.
The authors of ‘Possible integration of monumental heritage with proposed transportation hub under the scheme of vision 2041: Opportunities reconsidered in World's only Juteopolis and Dundee of the East, Narayanganj’ discuss how Narayanganj is losing its originality because of technical advancement of contemporary lifestyle. The central proposition of the paper ‘Youth Empowerment in Kenya: Paths to the Demographic Dividend’ is that the legacy
outcomes of present youth empowerment interventions in developing countries hold the key to the attainment of the age structure that would support the emergence of the demographic dividend.

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