St. Paul's University, Kenya

African Multidisciplinary Journal of Research


Volume Six, Issue 1

The article on revisiting the character of Potiphar’s wife,  a narrative criticism of Genesis 39, examines the character of Potiphar’s wife and argues that a close reading of Genesis 39: 6-18 narrative,  creates an in-depth and holistic understanding of the character of Potiphar’s wife who is at the margins of condemnation as an immoral woman, adulterous or a seducer.

The article on appropriating new digital technology in community radio broadcasting in Kenya: A case study of Realist FM, tries to establish how digital technologies are incorporated into journalistic routines within community radio stations and to determine the role that digital technologies play in community radio stations in creating possibilities for greater community access and participation in their programming.

The article on rejoice in the face of suffering: A reading of Romans 5:3-5 on Covid-19 in Africa, examines the role of humor from Romans 5:3-5 in a trying time like COVID-19 season.

The article on polygamy and effects of gender rights in law in the Kenyan society; historical implications on Kenyan Constitution, analyzes a brief history of the Kenyan Constitution in the post-colonial era, the new law Marriage Act 2014 and discusses the effects and implications of this law on women and their rights in marriage. Islam is given preference due to its polygamous nature and also because sharia on family law-Qadi courts has been entrenched in the constitution

The article on the pandemics in extra - biblical texts and the old testament, an examination of ancient texts related to the old testament and lessons from the current COVID-19 pandemic, discusses the presentations, manifestations and interventions in public health pandemics/plagues in the literature of the Ancient Near East (ANE) and the Old Testament (OT)[1] with the underlying principle of cause and effect in the ancient and the biblical world. Using the comparative method, the article examines the narratives, prayers, leadership requirements and legal writings of the ancient world alongside the texts of the old testament, particularly the pentateuch and historical literature.

The article on the mission of the church in diverse contexts: disentangling methodological problem, discusses the dynamic inculturation as the alternative to traditional approaches. It is an emendation of the inculturation process proposed by Charles Nyamiti. It introduces a stage at which biblical texts or divine mystery is purged off culture in which it has been wrapped.

The article on function and office of an apostle as the guide for pastoral leadership in the contemporary church, prompts a theological historical exploration of the historicity or originality and meaning of the term ‘apostle’ and its applicable meaning for contemporary Christian pastoral leadership.




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