Deontological versus Teleological Views of Deception in Medical Research


Lagat D. Kipkemboi


The need for valid research remains urgent and a priority for all authentic studies. One of the research procedures (allowed in special circumstances) is the deception of research participants for some reasons in order to use them in the study. Questions emerge on whether deceiving participants is acceptable, and how deception actually compromises the respect for persons. Arguments for or against deception in research usually anchor on either deontological or teleological reasons. This however creates tension. This study has suggested determination on whether deception in research is right or wrong, based on how those studies balance concern for science versus research participants’ welfare. The most authentic study, as proposed in this paper, is a research approach which only accepts to use deception in research, when both the concern for science and concern for participants remains simultaneously high; and not deception at the expense of the research participants.


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