Assessing of the impact of climate Change on Academic Performance among university students from Kajiado County.

Charity Muraguri


Climate change has become a major challenge that has impacted on the agenda of countries and societies around the world. Most studies have focused on the agricultural impact of climate change. However, other areas such as academic performance have received little attention. This study identified the lack of lecture attendance due to the need for constant movement in search for pasture and lack of finances to pay fees. This situation has led to a struggle causing the students in Kajiado County to balance between grazing their cattle and attention to academic study, especially in the wake of negative effects of climate change. The purpose of this study was to establish the extent to which climate change affects the academic performance of students in Kajiado County. The study was guided by the Walberg theory of educational productivity. Sequential explanatory mixed methods research design was used. Convenience sampling was used to select 62 university students. Data was collected by questionnaires, interview guides and focus group discussions. Quantitative data was analysed in the SPSS program using frequencies, percentages, and Spearman correlation analysis. Qualitative data was analysed using NVIVO software. From the study findings, the idea that academic performance of the students from Kajiado County had gone down correlated highly r = 0.881, while climate change is an important factor in student performance r = 0.744. The study findings will be informative especially to the government in planning for drought mitigation interventions. The ministry of education would also gain insights on the challenges facing university students from Kajiado County.
Key Words: Climate Change, Academic Performance; Higher Education, Kajiado County, University

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