Ideological Rivalry: PROCMURA and Ideological Challenges in the Quest for Interreligious Conflict Resolution in Africa

James Obwonyo


Although African Christians and Muslims have been living side by side over the centuries, some are still either ignorant of each other, consumed by aggressive attacks on religions, or reluctant to engage in contentious ideological issues. Thus ideological rivalry between sacred and secular institutions becomes an inevitable challenge in Christian-Muslim relations. In most cases, religious interference with politics or vice-versa does not work well especially when religious leaders are politically intoxicated and divided. PROCMURA has to identify and conceptualize the type of unity needed among and between the two faiths to ensure peaceful resolution to inter-religious conflict (IRC). Inter-religious unity is the most challenging task PROCMURA has to undertake, and this may not be achieved without a common ideological approach to IRCR which is based on religious values and norms. A common conceptual approach could be accelerated among inter-faith communities through active participation of influential PROCMURA’s inter-religious peace practitioners in the process of constitutional and educational curricula at both national and regional levels. Any aggressive, ambiguous, theocratic and secular systems might jeopardize peaceful co-existence and aggravate conflicts between communities. PROCMURA should advocate for direct involvement of inter-religious peace-actors in peace processes and policy-making to enhance understanding of IRCR in Africa.
Key words: PROCMURA, Inter-religious, ideology, Sacralisation, Politicization, Secular, Commensuration, Values, Norms

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